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Magic ToolFlash allows you to flash ZIP files from your Android


Magic ToolFlash allows you to flash ZIP files from your Android

The majority of people install Magisk modules by flashing them using the Magisk app and rebooting into Android.

When it comes to installing standard flashable ZIP packages, custom recovery projects such as TWRP are available. However, if you intend to root and experiment with your device, you should probably familiarize yourself with the command-line interface. Apart from the apparent benefit of understanding certain shell commands, mastering them might mean never having to flash via another software or connect your smartphone to your PC for sideloading. This is the purpose of the Magic ToolFlash project.

Magic ToolFlash, developed by XDA Senior Member huskydg, is a novel take on the Android flashing method. It is a command-line flash utility that does not require a customized recovery environment to operate. All that is required is that you download a flashable ZIP file to your device. Then, using any terminal emulator software with root privileges, use the utility to do the flashing procedure.

Apart from isolating the namespace for security purposes, Magic ToolFlash also displays the complete flash log to the end user. After installing this Magisk module, you may use the flash command to flash other Magisk modules, the Magisk app itself, and other mod ZIP files directly from a CLI window on your phone. However, the program is not currently capable of installing a ROM from an active Android system.

Bear in mind that the Android root filesystem lacks the /tmp directory. As a result, while using Magic ToolFlash, you may need to adjust the updater script to use /dev/tmp as the temporary directory. Additionally, if the target flashable zip file has a hardcoded /sbin command, it may fail to run on Android 11 and higher operating systems.

If you are a developer interested in exploring the Magic ToolFlash codebase, you may do so by visiting the project’s GitHub repository. Additionally, a ready-to-use Magisk module version is available for download in the repo’s Releases section.


Source: XDA-Developers

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