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Android 13 have Low power sleep mode for Android TV devices


Android 13 have Low power sleep mode for Android TV devices

Android 13 introduces a new “low power standby” option that restricts app use while the device is idle. While low power standby is activated, wakelocks and network access are disabled. These limitations are temporarily relaxed during a dozen scheduled maintenance windows.

This functionality is meant for devices running Android TV and is deactivated by default in other settings. Unless the framework variable ‘config lowPowerStandbySupported’ is set to true, low power standby cannot be activated. If supported, it can be enabled by default by changing the framework configuration variable ‘config lowPowerStandbyEnabledByDefault’ to true or via Settings. Global.low power standby enabled.

Android TV 12 arrived on devices last year a month after Android 12 was released. We anticipate a similar period this time around, and that OEMs will then take longer to get it out to their devices. For instance, NVIDIA omitted the Android 10 upgrade completely, instead moving directly from Android 9 to Android 11.

In other words, if Android 13 is a minor release, firms may likely do the same thing again. We’ll have to wait and see, as it’s still early in the game. However, this is a feature that may result in some power savings, which is always great.

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