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How to Find Posts You Have Liked On Instagram


How to Find Posts You Have Liked On Instagram

As of right now, there are hundreds of photo-sharing websites available, but Instagram stands out from the throng as the most popular of them all. Instagram has shown to be a wonderful tool for sharing memorable moments and connecting with other users throughout the years. Comparatively speaking, Instagram has a more active user base than other image-sharing websites, and the photographs published on the app are continuously being changed by new ones.

If you’ve been using the Instagram app for a while, you’re probably aware that the program does not give you with a direct way to view all of your followers’ liked pictures. It is possible that you will have difficulty recalling posts that you have appreciated in the past. Rather of dealing with this issue directly, you can consider copying the post URL and sending it to yourself, or just saving it on a note-taking program.

There is, however, another option to see the images and videos that you have liked on Instagram in a different way. If you open the Instagram mobile app, you’ll find a secret section where you can see all of your previously liked posts and videos on the network.

Steps to Find Posts You Have Liked On Instagram

So, if you want to see previously liked Instagram posts, you’ve come to the proper place. This article will show you how to locate liked posts on Instagram for Android. Let’s go.

  • Update the Instagram app for Android on the Google Play Store.
  • Once updated, open the app and touch on your profile image.
  • On your profile page, hit the hamburger menu.
  • Select Your activity from the profile menu.
  • Scroll down to the Interactions option on the Your activity page.

  • Tap Likes on the Interactions page.

  • On the next page, you can view all your Instagram likes.

Done! You can’t see your liked posts on Instagram’s online version. Third-party addons are required to find Instagram photographs and videos on a desktop web browser.

Here’s how to do it on an Instagram app for Android. I wish you well! Please forward it to your friends.

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