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Giga Manga: Google AI Based Manga art generator


Giga Manga: Google AI Based Manga art generator

Giga Manga is a Google AI project that generates manga graphics automatically. You can sketch something and it will turn it into a manga character. But you can’t download yet. After drawing a manga graphic, the tool may color it using AI.

Many people throughout the world enjoy manga art. And if you have any ideas, Google’s Giga Manga can bring them to life. Just create an outline and it’ll finish the art for you. The technique is simple: load the tool and start drawing.

It currently has two modes: magic and manual. In magic mode, you create an outline and it fills it in. Or, use the pen tool to design the entire diagram by hand, then color it with AI. You can choose an option based on your intentions.

How to use AI Manga Art Maker Giga Manga

It requires no sign-up or registration to use. To create a superb manga art, you require drawing talents. To access Giga Manga, click here and wait a few seconds.

Giga Manga

It will now take you to the editor where you can start sketching. It automatically generates manga art in the magic mode by default. It merely needs an outline to produce art.

You may also use manual mode. Then choose the pen tool and start sketching. The sketch starts off in black and white. No automated drawing generation or completion here. So you’ll have to do it yourself.

You may colorize your manga drawings. To do so, choose the color palette and then a color. Then click the paint bucket symbol to automatically colorize your manga art. The screenshot below shows an example.

So you can utilize Google’s AI-based manga art creator. It’s new and will improve with time. If you want to test it out, just go to the aforementioned website and draw/generate/manage art with a few clicks.

Beyond this manga generator, we have covered AI based background removal, vintage photo healing, and AI based object remover. If you like AI-based tools, you should check out Google’s Giga Manga. For now, I like the manual mode. And I hope they add exporting art in future releases.

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