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4 Tools You Can Delete Yourself From The Internet


4 Tools You Can Delete Yourself From The Internet

Have you ever considered deleting a portion of your online history?

Like a snapshot of a poor hairstyle from college, or a clumsy effort at constructing your first website (back when geocities was still cool), or a groan-inducing remark from a period when you didn’t know any better? If you answered no to all of that, congratulations; nevertheless, this does not imply your personal information is secure.

If you discover something that you want removed from Google’s search engine, you may use Google’s URL Remover Tool to request that it be removed from the search engine’s results. Outside of this, you will need to contact the site’s owner and maintainer to get your data deleted.

However, if you’re merely interested in reducing the exposure of your data online (since totally erasing oneself from the Internet is very difficult) or in deactivating certain accounts that are no longer in use, these five tools can help you get started.

We have websites that can assist you in locating previously registered internet accounts that may still include discernible personal information about you. You can never be too cautious when surfing the Web.

Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me is a comprehensive database of connections to websites that need registration to access. If you’re having difficulty locating the location where you may begin account deletion, this site can assist you — it will direct you to the account deactivation/deletion page.

Just Delete Me

Additionally, information is accessible on the ease with which you may remove your account from said site: easy, medium, tough, or impossible. The term “difficult” relates to the participation of customer service, but “impossible” refers to suggestions for what can be erased, for example, you cannot delete yourself from Youtube without also removing your Google account, but you can delete your channel.


AccountKiller is another service that compiles direct links to several websites’ account termination pages. It uses a blacklist and a whitelist to categorize websites. A site that has been blacklisted by AccountKiller makes erasing your account from that site extremely difficult, if not impossible.


Additionally, AccountKiller provides vital information on each website they list. They also provide recommendations on how to anonymize your account in the case that the provider does not enable you to completely delete it.


Spokeo is an aggregator service available solely in the United States that aggregates user data from online and offline sources. The information obtained may include your home location, phone number, your relationship to others, your marital status, and even your personal worth/income.


Some of you may be dissatisfied with the fact that this type of information is so readily available on Spokeo. Thankfully, there is a method for removing it off the site.

All you have to do is conduct a search on the site for yourself and copy the link to your ‘profile.’ Then navigate to this opt out website and put your email address in the link field. You’ll receive an email including a link to your profile’s deletion. Conduct a check to ensure that the profile has been actually deleted.


If you’re looking for a year’s worth of security against data brokers utilizing your personal information, Delete Me is the answer. The organization searches for and then deletes your personal data, repeating the procedure every three months to ensure your data is permanently protected.


All you have to do is subscribe to their service, choose a pricing and length package, and submit your basic information. Their privacy specialists will track and erase your data from undesired platforms. Additionally, you will receive a full success report after only seven days.

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