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How to create a to-do list with Yata! app


How to create a to-do list with Yata! app

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the number of jobs you have or are you often late? Or have you ever forgotten to do something important during the day? Try Yata! This is an application to create to-do list with very simple design. The application is available on Microsoft Store, compatible with Windows 10 and has a capacity of 21MB.

To-do-list is simply a list of tasks and tasks to do in the day that you list in many ways (on paper / software …) to help you organize the implementation of tasks. more efficient work.

With Yata!, you can create a to-do-list with simple but modern interface with a translucent effect in Fluent Design style. You can schedule your to-do lists and manage them easily in one place.

To enter the to-do list, click Add a Task and type in the interface that appears. Finished, click Finish Creating Task to save. The created job content will display right on the main interface, you click to edit.

If you’ve done this, put a checkmark in the circle and it will be marked with Completed . If you want to delete, right-click> select Delete. You can track scheduled jobs from Live Tile.

5 tips to creating effective to-do-list with Yata!

Create Task

To do list is a way to help you manage and figure out how to do the things you want to do. When doing the To Do list you will break down your project or plan into small tasks that can be done by action.


Manage your tasks effectively, you can easily view your tasks and their priorities based on chronological order or the symbols, notes and notes next to them.

Commit To The Mission

When you write the To-Do List, you give it “life”, and at this point you are creating a plan to accomplish the goal you want it to accomplish.

Re-plan and manage your time

You cannot always calculate the exact time a task is completed. It may be faster or slower than the time you have planned, even some tasks can be canceled. With To Do List you can easily replace, move so that you can use the maximum time you have or adjust the tasks according to the plan that you have set.

Feel More Effective

It will be fun to tick when completing a task on your list. It gives you the feeling of being controlled, and it also gives you a positive feeling to accomplish the remaining tasks.

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