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14 new iOS FREE games and applications on 18/9/2018


14 new iOS FREE games and applications on 18/9/2018


Pop Shot! Golf

Tee up, aim and swing to victory in Pop Shot! Golf, the latest ‘Pop Shot!’ adventure designed for simplicity and competition! Drive It, Chip It and Hole It to the golfing big leagues.

[appbox appstore 1398883525-iphone]


Mr. Translator

Wanna go outside to see the world but worry about the language difficulties? Translate document and photo into any language with only one touch. Built with Intelligent camera and AI translation services. Documents in most of language can be scanned and translated instantly.

[appbox appstore 1435419061-iphone]



Lullaby music for babies zz

This is a simple app for relaxing and calm of your baby. Good collection lullabies. These sounds are useful for sleepy baby. Good night!

[appbox appstore 1201921756-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Retro Dust

Classic Arcade Asteroid shooting returns with a vengeance in this fast paced retro arcade shooter.

[appbox appstore 460383600-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Step Out! Alarm clock

As the name “Step Out!” implied, the only way you can turn off this alarm clock is STEPPING out of your bed (you still can snooze – in a limited duration). It uses advanced image recognition and step tracking technologies to check whether you’re far away from your bed.

[appbox appstore 673120263-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Audio Notebook: Sound Recorder

All-Day Audio Recorder, 2x Playback, and Wide-Screen Text Editor.

[appbox appstore 720435172-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Space Inversion

Space Inversion is the classic arcade Space Invader style shooter. Battle the invading aliens from outer space.

[appbox appstore 386777620-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Little Boat River Rush

Start the journey of a lifetime on a high-speed river ride into the world of eternal summer. Feel the power of water, hop into your boat and get ready for a breathtaking adventure. Learn cool stunts, flush out birds, maneuver through obstacles and merge with nature. Join the championship, set new records and taste the victory.

[appbox appstore 664330345-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Easy Spending -Expense Tracker

Over a million users agree that Easy Spending is the best way to take control of where the money goes and effectively build wealth using the simple and yet powerful money management App.

[appbox appstore 459019300-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Table Tennis Touch

Serve, spin and smash your way to glory! Stunning graphics, intuitive swipe controls, high speed gameplay and multiple game modes have made Table Tennis Touch the world’s #1 table tennis game.

[appbox appstore 860620713-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Ideal camera

This camera makes ordinary scene glitter.

[appbox appstore 1069719312-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Ant Wars SE

Ant Wars is a strategy game, where you command armies of ants on a battlefield. Your goal is to take out all of the hives by occupying the empty ones and attacking the others taken by your enemies.

[appbox appstore 325218514-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


SmartGym: Manage Your Workout

Tired of carrying a piece of paper around the Gym? Or using the notes app to keep track of your workout? Or maybe you’re a Personal Trainer and wants to keep track of all your students’ progress?

[appbox appstore 922744883-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Expanse RTS

Expanse RTS — a new strategy game from the developers of the RedSun RTS! Fight for energy resources on a distant planet during the galactic expansion!

[appbox appstore 1200280640-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]

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