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15 new iOS FREE games and applications on 17/9/2018


15 new iOS FREE games and applications on 17/9/2018


Rocket Dodge

Tap to go left and right, make the rockets crash into each other to build your combo and increase your score!

[appbox appstore 1407204674-iphone]

TM Mobile Security – WebFilter

Trend Micro™ Mobile Security enhances your digital life, and helps you enjoy it safely. Our security experts have been working for decades to deliver the best solutions to you.

[appbox appstore 911281359-iphone]


MoMo The Horror Game

You woke up in an incomprehensible house, you need to escape, and you only have a mobile phone.

[appbox appstore 1424339052-iphone]


Snake VS. Colors

You can only touch colors that are the same color as you. Look out! Colors change sssuper fast, and you need to think like a snake and be quick to keep up.

[appbox appstore 1435037864-iphone oldprice=”22.000đ”]




Facula App,Explore the beauty of the world

[appbox appstore 1290096679-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Focus Do

Focus Do is a lightweight task list, task reminder and Pomodoro tool, which can help you improve your concentration in work, study, life, develop good habits, say goodbye to delays, and start with efficiency. 

[appbox appstore 1332596323-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Face Maker – Avatar Maker

Make exclusive icons for you and your family members and friends, which can be used as wallpapers, call avatars , etc. Changeable shapes, multiple colors, various sculpts, all ready for your random combinations! World’s most popular Miking Face has landed App Store!

[appbox appstore 827245709-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


System Activity Monitors

The app monitors iOS activity like memory usage, battery life, used space, and device information. Great visuals like speedometer view, LED indicator, 3D bar charts, battery charging animation, LED flashing charger, provides you a rich visual views of your iOS device internals, like you have never seen before.

[appbox appstore 386118145-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Videdit – Video editing tool

With Videdit, you can edit your videos in a lot of ways and make them more awesome and different.

[appbox appstore 1330314351-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Voice Record – Memos

Concise,multifunctional,easy to operate your wise choice,your recording APP.

[appbox appstore 1255345358-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


Video Splitter for Instagram

Split your videos into seamless 15 second clips with just one tap

[appbox appstore 1299543737-iphone oldprice=”$0.99″]


AcePlayer Plus

AcePlayer can play almost any file format movies , music, photos and streaming directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Shareing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be played at once. With built-in FTP/Samba/UPnP client, it is not just a local movie player,it is “Movie/Music Player & Photo Viewer & Streaming Media Player”.

[appbox appstore 480962404-iphone oldprice=”$2.99″]


Photolight – Pro Photo Editor

Photolight app offers classic quote artworks, Capture precious life milestone photos by marking them with beautifully crafted artwork & personalized text, share & treasure forever!

[appbox appstore 1370362850-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]


Manual ProCam – raw camera

Manual Camera Pro is a manual camera with full manual controls for exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance.

[appbox appstore 1417053308-iphone oldprice=”$2.99″]


BabaTaxi3D: We’re short-handed

You are a taxi driver in Shinjuku.

[appbox appstore 697881836-iphone oldprice=”$1.99″]

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