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Tenami: watch Netflix, YouTube together

Tenami: watch Netflix, YouTube together 5


Tenami: watch Netflix, YouTube together

Tenami TV is a Chrome Extension that allows you to host Netflix and YouTube Watch Parties. Other Watch Party Members can join and see the material from anywhere using the same Extension.

A Watch Party is an event when individuals from various locations watch a movie, series, or TV program and simultaneously communicate online. It offers several advantages, including as not requiring viewers to be physically present in a room while watching the video.

Watch parties are a terrific opportunity to meet new people and share your experiences. They are now a significant priority for the entertainment business, especially with the entry of new streaming platforms.

Many firms have developed programs that allow you to host a Watch Party and invite others, like Tenami TV.

With the Tenami Extension loaded, you can easily create new Watch Parties or join existing ones. Other than watching the uploaded video, Tenami’s native desktop program allows viewers to participate and communicate with one other.

The Watch Party Host can rewind, pause, or advance the video. The viewers will be able to watch the video in rhythm with the full Watch Party.

How to watch Netflix together with Tenami

  1. Download and install the Tenami Chrome Extension.
  2. Run Tenami from the Extensions icon. A host can start a watch party and then choose Private.
  3. Tenami: watch Netflix, YouTube together 14
  4. Select Netflix or YouTube based on your Watch Party needs. If you’re hosting a Netflix Watch Party, you must subscribe. Everyone participating in the Watch Party should have a Netflix membership.
    Tenami: watch Netflix, YouTube together 15
  5. Go to Netflix, browse, and pick a movie or series to watch. Then, under the Tenami address bar at the top of the Netflix screen, click Copy to copy the Tenami watch link (URL) and share it with your Watch Party.
  6. To organize a YouTube Watch Party, click on YouTube and follow the procedures above.
  7. Participants in the Watch Party should install the Tenami Chrome Extension and complete the procedures below.
  8. Then select Join Watch Party from the Extensions menu. Paste the host’s URL and hit Enter. Click Join Now, then Join in Browser to enter the Watch Party and see the hosted film. If it’s a Netflix Watch Party, everyone must sign in.

Any modifications made by the host to the video will be synced and mirrored in all viewers’ displays. The only control the viewer has over the video is resizing and moving the screen.

The native Tenami program is required to hold an Interactive Watch Party where all viewers may interact and debate.

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