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Switch to Android: iOS app breaks Apple’s walled garden

Google has quietly launched the Switch to Android app on the App Store. The app makes it easier for iOS users to transfer data from their iPhone to an Android-run device. It works in a similar manner to Move to iOS, which Apple launched in 2015.

For nearly six years, Android users interested in switching to iPhone have had an Apple-created Android app to assist them. Your contacts, SMS history, photos and videos, browser bookmarks, email accounts, and calendar will all be transferred to iOS. It’s fussy at best, which explains the poor rating, but it’s your best bet for transferring your data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone for free.

Switch to Android app

As they say, reversal is fair play, and Google has now created its own Switch to Android app on the App Store that accomplishes the same thing. It wirelessly transfers your images, movies, contacts, and calendar events to your new Android phone and guides you through other critical procedures such as turning off iMessage to ensure that your texts are received properly on your new smartphone. Naturally, this requires a number of permissions, and the procedure can take some time.

To be honest, we’re amazed it took this long. Transferring between major phone ecosystems may be a real nuisance, and although these applications won’t take care of everything, they can help make the process go more smoothly.


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Written by Martinus T.