SwissTransfer is another free website you can use as an alternative to Firefox Send. This website facilitates the sharing of files up to 50 GB in size.

This is an enormous size for online file sharing, significantly larger than Firefox Send. Together, you can share up to 500 files. This website offers two ways to share files. You can also use the email share option, which allows you to add up to 20 people.

Alternatively, you can choose the link sharing option, which provides you with a URL to the files that you can share with others. In both instances, the sharing can be password-protected and the period can be specified. You can also limit the number of downloads to a maximum of 250 per file. Additionally, the daily transfer limit is 500.

How can files be shared using

  • Visit the SwissTransfer website; a direct link is provided below.
  • Add the files that you want to share on the website.
  • On the following screen, choose between email and link sharing.
  • Then, add your files and configure the appropriate parameters.
  • To access additional parameters, click and expand Advanced parameters.
  • Set the Password, Validity, Download Limit, and Language.
  • Then, click the Transfer option to send files to the email addresses provided or to obtain the sharing link.

Key Ideas:

  • Maximum File Size: up to 50 GB.
  • Numerous File Transfer: Yes, multiple files can be sent simultaneously.
  • Sign-in Required: No, an account is not required.
  • Sharing Method: up to 20 email addresses or link sharing
  • There is no mention of security on the webpage.
  • Yes, you can specify the expiration date to 1, 7, 15, or 30 days.
  • Yes, it is possible to limit downloads to 1, 20, 100, or 250.
  • Yes, you are able to password-protect the transfer.

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Written by Martinus T.