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Swift Browser: Super cool UWP browser with extension support

Please try Swift Browser, the new UWP browser with beautiful Fluent style and lots of useful features.

The Swift Browser is reminiscent of Monument Browser, a modern UWP browser that supports the extension. But Swift Browser has many attractive features and features that we will know in detail in the article.

Swift Browser is compatible with Windows 10 (63 MB).

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Home page

Swift Browser has a home page similar to Microsoft Edge (tab bar, web page shortcuts, quick search box) but more special when integrating more utilities.

  • News.
  • Search for locations with Google Maps.
  • Translate with Google Translate.
  • Dino dinosaur game.
  • Calculation tool.

Swift Browser: Super cool UWP browser with extension support 1

Click load more to display these utilities. When you read the news (News) on the Swift Browser homepage.

As a UWP browser, Swift Browser features interface in opening beautiful Fluent Design. But you can turn off the Fluent effect and insert images as the background for the browser just like Chrome does.

  • Press the gear button next to the right.
  • Click Image at Background > select the image.

In the settings menu of the home page, you can toggle the elements displayed on the page or set the default home page / website when opening a new tab.

Use the features

Using Swift Browser, you will feel no different from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge because of the advanced features that modern browsers often have: incognito browsing mode, web page preview thumbnail, display suggestions while typing, …

Support extension:

If you are a regular Chromium browser, you can freely use the giant extension store on the Chrome Web Store. But with a UWP browser, the extension support is very rare so Swift Browser supports extensions that will make the browser worth using.

Currently, the new Swift Browser supports two extensions.

  • Dark mode: Turn on dark mode for all visited websites.
  • Blocker Pro: Ad blocking utility.

Swift Browser: Super cool UWP browser with extension support 2

Click the icon My Extension (square) > Extensions Manager > select the extension you want to use then enable Enable. If you want it to show up in the browser toolbar, turn on the Show in toolbar.

Note, the enabled extensions are not yet active. Now, you must enable them by opening My Extensions again > clicking the extension you want to use> Enabled.

Drawing pictures, writing notes:

This feature is similar to Microsoft Edge, you can write notes on web pages or drawings and save as image files to store or share.

  • Click the cog wheel button on the toolbar > select Ink.
  • You write notes, draw pictures.
  • Satisfied, click Save to save.

Swift Browser: Super cool UWP browser with extension support 3

Reading mode:

A feature that a modern browser must have and you can use it on the Swift Browser.

  • Click the cogwheel button on the toolbar> Reading Mode.
  • Website will open in reading interface with yellow renders.
  • You reload the page to return to the normal view.

Read the website:

This feature is similar to Microsoft Edge, you can enjoy the article on the site with a voice instead of reading.

  • Click the cogwheel button on the toolbar> Read Aloud.
  • Swift Browser will read web content, you can pause (click Playing) or stop (x button).

Translate web pages:

This feature is available to all modern browsers and you can translate on Swift Browser with Google Translate by.

– Click the cog button> Translate.

Floating window mode:

You can turn Swift Browser into a floating window without extension with Compact overlay feature.

  • Click the gear icon on the toolbar> choose Compact overlay.
  • The browser window is minimized in the top right corner of the desktop.
  • You can expand the size or click the double rectangle icon to return to the original size.

Turning web pages into applications:

This feature is available on all Chromium browsers and you can use it on the Swift Browser by opening the gear menu> Apps. Swift Browser will create the application for the website and display it shortly thereafter.

Take a screenshot of the website:

This feature is similar to Firefox and you can do the following.

  • Click the gear button > Screenshot webpage and choose a photo mode (partial, full-web).
  • Then, click Save as PNG to save.

Mute the website

You can mute the site like Chrome by clicking Mute in the gear menu> selecting Mute page to mute and unique with Inmate page.

Developer tools:

Swift Browser has a built-in developer tool (Task Manager, Retools, Advanced tools) that you can find in the gear menu.

Sync data with Android:

You can sync data with Swift Browser on Android via OneDrive. This is an experimental feature, so you can’t use it right now.

Restore unexpectedly closed website:

This useful feature of Swift Browser can help you reopen web pages that are closed unexpectedly when the power goes off or inadvertently.

When you reopen the browser will have a button to request to restore closed tabs, click Restore Tabs to perform.

Written by Martinus T.

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