RelaySecret is a straightforward file-sharing website created as an unofficial alternative to Firefox Send. Before uploading the file, this straightforward website employs AES-CBC 256-bit symmetric encryption. In contrast to other websites, all encryption occurs on the client side and not on the server. However, you can only submit one file at a time, and the maximum file size supported is 200 MB. You can add both a password and an expiration date. Enable the “Delete Upon Download” option to restrict the encrypted file to a single download.

How may files be shared via

  • Utilize the link provided below to access the RelaySecret website.
  • Click the Encrypt a File button and then select the file you wish to share.
  • Add a password and specify the file’s expiration date. Additionally, choose if you want the file to be destroyed upon download.
  • Click the Encrypt and Upload button to obtain the URL for sharing the encrypted file.


  • Maximum File Size: up to 200 MB.
  • Multiple File Transfer: No, only one file can be sent.
  • Account Required: No, a login is not required.
  • Method of sharing: URL share.
  • AES-CBC 256-bit symmetric encryption is used for security.
  • Yes, you can specify the expiration date to 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 days.
  • Yes, the option to auto-delete upon download for limited downloads.
  • Password Protection: Yes, a password can be added to the file transfer.

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Written by Martinus T.