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How to Record Phone Calls on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

The inability to record calls on the iPhone 13 series may cause some customers to move to Android smartphones. Call recording is illegal in various countries. Most Android OEMs, including Samsung and OnePlus, provide a call recording feature in the native dialer software, but deactivate it when it is illegal. To record calls on iPhone 13 series, you need third-party apps from the App Store.

Always verify your local laws before proceeding. In certain jurisdictions in the US, one party consent is required to record, therefore you can be the consenting party. In certain states, both parties must agree.

With that said, let’s check out how to record calls on your iPhone 13, 13 mini, Pro, and Pro Max.

Service Call Merge

Apple doesn’t let developers utilize the phone’s microphone. This restriction is for security reasons, which is why call recording on iPhone works differently than on Android.

However, third-party call recorder applications require a dedicated recording line. On an iPhone, you record a conversation by calling an app recording line.

Then combine your party call into the recording line. You’re essentially setting up a three-way call to record. We know this isn’t ideal, but it’s a constraint when migrating from Android to iPhone.

A few notable apps allow you record calls utilizing the merging line. The App Store has many capable call recording applications. But they don’t all operate as stated. Exceptions exist for those prepared to pay a little fee.


In TapeACall, you must first put the person you’re speaking to on hold before launching the app and pressing the record button.

The call is then combined and stored remotely. You may use the outgoing call app, record the call, and then contact the individual to combine it.

Notify the other user when a call is recorded. Share recordings on Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and social media (Facebook & Twitter).


TapeACall is open source. Premium capabilities like Email recording, Label recording, shared word searches, etc. are available for $3.99 per month.


Rev Call Tape

This is a great choice for US citizens. It records all incoming and outgoing calls for free. No need to subscribe. The app only charges $1/minute for transcribing.

Rev Call Tape


Use Google Voice

How about free voice mail, a phone number, and call-back service with a Google Voice account? You may even record incoming calls on your iPhone.

It’s easy. When answering calls from your Google Voice number, hit 4. This is Google’s method of keeping you in control and making the whole thing lawful.

Call recordings are emailed to you and shown on Google Voice’s voice mail list.


Mac Record iPhone Calls

Mac users may use QuickTime Player to record iPhone calls. It also works with FaceTime. The only restriction is that you must use your iPhone in speaker mode. You also can’t use headphones. If you try to answer the iPhone call on your Mac, QuickTime Player will not work properly.

First, make sure your iPhone is on speaker for phone or FaceTime calls. Assign your Mac as a speaker source. Select File -> New Audio Recording from the QuickTime Player menu bar.

Select Internal Microphone from the drop-down menu next to the record button.

If you’re charging your iPhone with a Lightning wire, check sure Internal Microphone is chosen instead of your iPhone’s mic, which won’t record unless you change it.

A Tape Recorder

If none of the preceding methods work for you, it’s time to record iPhone calls the old-fashioned manner. Yes, utilizing an external voice recorder to capture iPhone calls.

This is not an excellent solution for use outside or in a room with others. However, owing to modern technology, there are several tiny digital recorders available. Here is a list of the best digital voice recorders online.

The simplest and easiest way to record calls on iPhone is via a 3-way call merging service like Rev Call Recorder. So, if you want a quick fix, go for it. Then get a high-quality recorder like the Sony model we discussed above if you want complete control over the call recording experience.

If you have two phones, you can answer a call on your personal phone and put it on speaker. Now you may use another phone and record the entire chat.