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Play YouTube Shorts like you would regular YouTube videos

YouTube Shorts provides YouTube with short-form videos. The integrated service is similar to what other short-form video services, such as TikTok, offer: time-limited films in portrait orientation.

Google was late to the party, launching YouTube Shorts internationally in the middle of 2021. YouTube Shorts is available via the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube’s primary navigation menu. While the vertical video format may make sense on mobile devices, Google chose to use the same format on desktops.

Play YouTube Shorts like you would regular YouTube videos 1

When it comes to watching YouTube videos on a mobile device, the mobile format gives fewer options. It features stop and mute controls, share, like, and hate buttons, and the ability to read and post comments, but that is about it.

Compared to YouTube’s normal desktop player, the Shorts video player lacks the ability to modify video quality, video format, and playing speed. There is no ability to play movies in fullscreen mode or to adjust the volume of sound, with the exception of completely silencing sound.

This is altered by the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome addon Youtube-shorts block. The extension is compatible with Firefox and Chromium-based browsers.

Its primary contribution to YouTube is the ability to play YouTube clips in the primary video player. When viewing short films on YouTube, users have access to all controls of the main video player.

The extension is immediately functional after installation. A click on its icon reveals an option to disable the redirection to YouTube’s primary video player. When you click the three dots in the extension’s interface, more choices to conceal the Shorts tab and videos are revealed.

The sole disadvantage of utilizing the extension is that you can no longer explore the YouTube Shorts area. When you click on Shorts, the extension immediately loads the first video.

The plugin is aimed for YouTube users who enjoy Shorts and need additional playback control. Users who never watch Shorts may not find the addon useful beyond concealing the Shorts links on YouTube.

Overall, Youtube-shorts block is a beneficial plugin for desktop users who desire more control and watch YouTube Shorts.

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Written by Martinus T.