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How to download Pako 2 on iOS for FREE

PAKO 2 is a very interesting and funny game, focusing on the chases between the police and you when driving a car with brakes.

PA KO version was first launched in 2014 and is very popular. The game allows users to participate in extremely hot and dangerous chases on a car with no brakes. After four years, the PA KO 2 game was born and inherited most of the points that were successful in the first version.

Although driving a car that doesn’t move on the field is by accident, it doesn’t mean that the police will forgive you. A dangerous criminal and need to be arrested by all means.

Therefore, you will have to try to control the car that has lost its brakes on the highway roads that are constantly moving, trying to cut off the tail of police chasing police cars, even having to dodge the artillery shells.

The developer provides quite a lot of different levels for you to change the atmosphere, such as highways, cities, parking lots, memorials or military bases, etc. Each map has facilities with The travel speed is different, so you need to apply both tactics based on vehicle type and terrain to be able to escape the police.

Each game screen has its own type of vehicle with different speed and turn indicators. Accompanied by a unique feature of the game screen will make the depth of the game significantly increased, players need to have a reasonable strategy based on vehicle type and field to get the highest score.

Currently, the developer Three Men Games is free this game for a short time on the App Store, you quickly download it before the promotion ends.

Written by Martinus T.

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