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Create beautiful spreadsheets with Numbers on a Mac. Begin with one of more than thirty Apple-designed templates for your home budget, checklist, invoicing, and mortgage calculator, among others. Insert text, photos, tables, and charts anywhere on the blank canvas. Receive quick ideas and integrated support for the more than 250 useful features. Utilize interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts to visualize your data. Filter through big tables with ease. Utilizing pivot tables to discover patterns and trends
Concurrently collaborate with other individuals
• With real-time collaboration, your entire team can collaborate simultaneously on a spreadsheet on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch—and even on a PC.
• Share your spreadsheet publicly or with specified individuals, see who is actively editing it, and monitor other users’ cursors to track their changes.
• Available on iCloud and Box-stored spreadsheets
Elegant spreadsheets
• More than 30 Apple-designed templates provide a gorgeous foundation for your spreadsheets.
• Place tables, charts, text, and pictures anywhere on the free-form canvas; Insert and resize numerous tables on a single sheet; Insert photographs, audio, and video using the Media Browser; Enhance your spreadsheets with over 700 customizable shapes; Import and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Comma Separated Values (CSV), and tab-delimited text Formulas for everyone • Select from more than 250 sophisticated functions, such as XLOOKUP and RegEx • Get function recommendations as soon as you begin typing a formula; Search the built-in function browser for built-in assistance and sample formulae; The new smart cell view provides live formula results, error checking, precise value, and cell format.
• Add stock information to spreadsheets with ease • Add your preferred functions to Quick Calculations to obtain immediate results.
Everything is balanced. Beautifully
• Utilize Pivot Tables and Smart Categories to gain a different perspective on your data • Quickly arrange and summarize tables to obtain fresh understanding
• Insert stunning 2D and 3D charts, such as bar, column, line, area, pie, donut, and radar charts Animate data with the use of interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts • Highlight cells automatically depending on criteria for numbers, text, dates, and times • • Filter big tables quickly for particular values, text, and duplicate entries Utilize sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups, and star ratings to modify cell values.
• Enable iCloud to access and edit your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as from a Mac or PC browser at
• Numbers saves your spreadsheet automatically as changes are made.
• Distribute a copy of your work Export your spreadsheet to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel; share your spreadsheet using AirDrop to anybody in close proximity; Share a link to your work via Email or Messages quickly and effortlessly.

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