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Nordic Warriors Review

Nordic Warriors is the game that inherits the spirit of the Mythical classic real-time strategy game series.

The real-time strategy game series has a long history with well-known series like Warcraft, Age of Empires or more recently Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. However, there is no small mistake in the familiar name for most domestic players.

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The aforementioned real-time strategy genre is the real-time strategy (RTS) series, which is basically called true real-time strategy. While real-time tactics are real-time tactics (RTT), with typical faces like the Commandos series or the latest Desperados III.

The difference between the two categories is that RTS has additional management elements such as resource collection, while RTT is merely tactical without the aforementioned mechanism.

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The RTT experience is more “brain hacking”, largely requiring you to fight an overwhelming number of enemies without reinforcements. This forces the player to have a strategy to approach the appropriate enemy, even “the evil” to both preserve the force and simultaneously deliver to the enemy on the face and dark attacks.

Nordic Warriors is no exception. This large-scale game is inspired by two Myths that share the “father” with the Halo series, not only in gameplay but also in the challenge of setting up the “farmer” most easily.

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Game experience requires the focus of the player, making quick decisions that must be accurate, suitable for situations that happen in real time. Every mistake is very expensive, making it not as relaxing or entertaining as RTS games but even the opposite.

The game brings the screen play makes you always have headaches before consecutive situations in the context of Norse mythology of post-apocalypse. Therefore, do not be surprised to recognize some familiar names or landmarks in the game experience.

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This context helps the game has a variety of enemies, from corpses to mobile skeletons, elves, witches or even demons and gods. The battle of the player begins with the magician (shaman) Freja and his warriors returning to the village and found everywhere has been occupied by “pagan ghosts”.

This game retains the feeling of Norse mythology in the content, but nothing remains after the end of the experience. In contrast, the variety of control characters contributes significantly to creating the appeal necessary for real-time strategy gameplay.

Nordic Warriors Review 5

Characters have their own names, not merely a type of control piece. If considering the relatively small scale of the developer, I do not consider this a minus point.

Although still demanding high tactics, but this gameplay is somewhat different from modern RTT games today. It is not just a difference in experience but also tactical thinking.

The game designs various tasks in the aspect of an RTT game. While most still revolve around moving the character from point A to point B, fighting or “avoiding the ugly elephant” threats on the front, but many attractive and dramatic variations. There are a few quests designed quite nicely, bring a very satisfied feeling when “on the finish”.

For example, the game requires three sides to be triangular, or control “holy woman wielding shield” Iona dodges the attacks of the enemies and “skewers” them, paving the way back to the team.

The graphics in the Nordic Warriors are not of excellent quality like the big games with huge investment costs, but the variety in shaping enemies helps a lot for “seeing faces and capturing images” them. This is an important factor for you to decide tactics, such as direct attack or stealth, etc.

The way developers build transitions is also very interesting. Not to mention, the game solves the tutorial very well, providing complete and detailed basic gameplay mechanics as well as how to use each type of troops effectively, making me quite impressed with the direction. CPU and take care.

In the end, Nordic Warriors offers a very compelling real-time strategy experience in many respects, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the old Myth series. This game even has a lot of untapped potential, which makes me pretty much expect it in part two if the developer intends to expand and develop into a series. If you love RTT series, this is definitely a remarkable name that you should not ignore.

Nordic Warriors is currently only available on PC (Windows, macOS).

[approx steam 1174670]

Written by Martinus T.

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