Mason 1

Mason is a relatively unique creature in the world of design tools, and one might even claim that it takes an entirely unique approach. This application improves productivity by allowing you to bypass phases in the design-build process that you have previously regarded as crucial, if not essential.

Mason’s strategy is extremely simple, but it also makes a great deal of sense.

First, Mason’s visual interface, paired with its front-end feature-building capacity, is the engine that drives the process, enabling the creation of precise software features for applications, websites, and other digital goods. Once your design is complete, there is no paperwork to deal with, and your design does not require QA approval.

Since Mason manages HTML/CSS, development is typically unnecessary. Since your software feature is immediately deployable and ready for use, there is no need to wait for the next deployment cycle.

radically dissimilar? Since Mason allows you to bypass documentation, quality assurance, development, and even prototyping, the answer is likely yes.

What do you think?

Written by Martinus T.