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Free Sudoku game for PC on Microsoft Store

SudokuT is a PC game available on the Microsoft Store for 0.99USD, today you can download this game for free to be able to play Sudoku game on your computer.

SudokuT contains three most popular Sudoku variants: Classic, Hyper and X-Sudoku. Thanks to nine levels of difficulty, this game is suitable for both beginners and players who want to challenge the most.

Free Sudoku game for PC on Microsoft Store 1

You’ve probably heard of Sudoku. Have you ever played this puzzle game in newspapers or science magazines? This is a logical number matching puzzle game based on combinatorics.

The goal of the game is to fill the digits in a 9 × 9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 × subsetsts that make up the main grid contains all the digits 1 through 9.

This is a puzzle game with a simple gameplay, but it makes players lose a lot of energy and time, require patience and calculation. Today, this math game is being loved and become one of the most played intellectual games.

The rules of Sudoku are quite simple, that is to fill the remaining cells with the condition:

  • Horizontal rows: Must have numbers from 1 to 9, not in the right order. There are no matches in the horizontal row.
  • Vertical rows: Make sure there are enough numbers from 1-9, not in order. No numbers in the vertical line.
  • Each 3 x regionson: must also contain all numbers from 1 to 9. No numbers in the same 3 x regionson.

Please download SudokuT here quickly before it expires.

The fastest Sudoku solver tips

As a logical and intellectual game, Sudoku also has certain solving principles. To solve Sudoku, flexibly apply the following principles:

1. Principle 1: Numbering in Horizontal and Vertical lines to eliminate

Follow the rules of Sudoku: don’t have the same number in the same horizontal and vertical row. Aligning horizontal and vertical lines is the simplest way foyou’reu to find an appropriate number for the position to fill.

First, find the number that appears the most in the available Sudoku grid, and align it horizontally and vertically to proceed to eliminate the cells on that row, thereby determining the position of that number in the umbrella remaining. Complete a number until you can not eliminate and set the number again, then move to another solution, to avoid confusion.

However, this Sudoku trick applies only to the simple, medium level. At a difficult level, you won’t be able to apply it this way.

For example: In the figure below, consider with number 8. After eliminating the vertical lines in 2 cells 8 rows above and below, and horizontally aligned in the middle row, we have found the position of cell number 8 as circled round.

2. Rule 2: Find cells of the same capacity and make notes

When applying the principle of No. 1, you will encounter the following cases: In a 3×3 area, you identify two or more locations that can contain certain numbers.

For example, in the case of the number 5 as the picture above, we see that two circles are capable of containing the number 5.

Please note the baby to the side, so when you find the answer, be sure to enter it, absolutely do not fill in when not sure. If entered, all will be a jumble, the more you solve the more tangled problem. And will never win, the more you solve the more dead end. The simple capital problem will become extremely complex if you just fill in the wrong position in Sudoku.

This principle is extremely important for complex Sudoku.

3. Principle 3: Determine the required number

In Sudoku, each number must be unique as stated, in the image above you will see, in the round cell, we can enter numbers 2, 5, 7 and 9.

When applying Rule No. 1: No. 7, when closing both the top and bottom rows, will result in the middle circle cell being 7, so we need to fill in the remaining 2, 5 and 9 in the remaining 3 cells that are empty. .

Continuing to use methods 1 and 2, we find that only 2 and 5 can bentered the topop 2 rows of cells. We will note that these 2 cells are 2 and 5, with the same possibility.

So there is only 1 cell next to the number 7, certainly the number 9, the required number to fill in the rest.

4. Rule 4: Fill in the draft and try to solve the Sudoku box

We can see that the alignment and exclusion must at least make us wonder in 2 cells for each number as in the above example. Or once you’ve applied Rule # 3, it doesn’t help you to solve the cells. Then the last step is that you need to try to find a solution.

You should choose the number that you are currently wondering between the two boxes, then fill in the test and solve that solution. If in the process of solving this box, there is a conflict like the number on the horizontal and vertical lines, in the area contrary to the basic principle of Sudoku, then you go back to the original step and fill in the other cell. Basically, you should avoid drafting and trying too many boxes, as it will make the game more troublesome and the longeyou’reur testing time.

This is a random principle, first with Sudoku’s logical reasoning, so please limit use, and should only be used as a last resort.

Above are the Sudoku tips you should know or be new to this subject, and keep in mind that you should solve Sudoku level easily before you can familiarize yourself with Sudoku rules as well as the rules that you discoverOutut during gameplay since that applies to harder levels. Wish you have fun and rewarding time with this intellectual game!

Written by Martinus T.

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