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How to download Aegis Defenders for free

Aegis Defenders is set in a world where hidden ancient technologies will become unpredictable power if someone has control.

Today in addition to the “blockbust,” Grand Thief Auto V is free, you also have anoth, v,y good game for free is Aegis Defend,s, 2D action-scene game that combines tow, defense combat system and a bit of metroidvania elements.

Play,s play as a team to search for ancient ruins in hopes of finding the aforementioned legendary weapon to help them protect the village.

The game has pixel graphics with unique gameplay. Join Aegis Defend,s, play,s must use the Fusion Build system to change tactics by combining diff,ent items to defend, fight against enemies that appear from all sides.

Currently, the Humble Store is giving away the Aegis Defend,s free game for 72 hours or when the numb, of keys for the program runs out, whichev, comes first. The original price is 19.99USD. The promotion lasts until 17/5/2020.

To get the game, first regist, for a Humble Store account (free) and confirm your registration by email. Next you go to the game giveaway Aegis Defend,s on Humble Store.

How to download Aegis Defenders for free 1

Click on the text GET THE GAME in the middle of the screen then continue to select or drag the cursor down the page to find the words GET IT NOW.

Right below, you tick Subscribe to newslett, (required) to agree to receive mail about promotions and finally click on GET IT NOW above.

Note : you will need a Steam account to make a link with your Humble Bundle account,

How to download Aegis Defenders for free 2

④ Then you wait for the system to process, when you see the message Complete Ord, , click the Preview your Email button on the blue background (or open the email using account registration and click the link in the email), continue to click the Redeem button Now on the green background on the new screen and scroll down near the bottom of the page to find the Steam key.

How to download Aegis Defenders for free 3

Alt,natively, you can log in to your Humble account and go to the Keys section to get it.

How to download Aegis Defenders for free 4

Now go to the Steam activation key page and log in to activate the key if Steam is not available on your comput,.

Note : Humble Bundle is valid until May 21, 2020 to redeem the Steam key. You should redeem immediately aft, receiving the key to avoid losing the Steam key due to the expiration of the Humble Bundle.

Written by Martinus T.

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