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How to download the game 10 Second Ninja X for free

10 Second Ninja X is a sequel to the very popular 10 Second Ninja more than 6 years ago.

Still, the familiar old-fashioned gameplay with the “onion” challenge players, but this part has a few more minigames to help the experience more engaging.

The game begins with the Graybeard guy kidnapping the player character and locking your friends between his army of robots.

Your task is very simple, just take the test in each game screen to prove to Graybeard that you are a ninja who won the Guinness record for speed, making him pay attention to his password.

“You just need to destroy all the army of Graybeard robots in each game screen in less than 10 seconds is through the screen.”

Currently, 10-Second Ninja X is free for 1 week by the developer. Deadline until May 28, 2020. The original price on the international market is 9.99USD.

To download the game, you must first sign up for a Steam account (free) if you don’t already have one. Then go to the 10-Second Ninja X game page on Steam using the browser. Click the Add to Account button to get the game.

Note: If you get the error message The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL, you probably already own it without noticing it.

Complete the aforementioned step and receive a notification as instructing that you have owned 10-Second Ninja X permanently on Steam!

To play the game, log into your account on the Steam application, then go to the Library menu select the game and click the Install Game button to install it.

Written by Martinus T.

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