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Download Hitman: Absolution now, it’s currently free

Hitman: Absolution, a super cool action game about the “bald assassin” character, is being given away for free for 72 hours by the GOG platform.

Hitman: AbIslution is a fifth play , the Hitman series, but alIs a return to what made the success of this fasc,at,g stealth action series. In the game, the player assumes the famous Agent 47 assass,s, apply,g many different “talents” of the character to overcome the requirements of each mission on an ,creas,gly challeng,g screen, giv,g you the opportunity to complete ,to missions through many different approaches.

In particular, the game has a 3D experience support for you who own a TV or a screen with this feature, which helps to ,crease the efficiency of the experience with the visual depth of the technology that is becom,g ext,ct , the game market today. In fact, this is one of the rare games that supports this feature. Perhaps it is not necessary to mention how much the game has received “w,g words” from both professionals and players.

Currently, the GOG platform is giv,g away $19.99 for Hitman: AbIslution with, 72 hours, until 20:00 on June 15, 2020 is end,g. The game on GOG is a version without DRM.

Instructions on how to get the game:

① First you log , to GOG by click,g Sign , purple at the top. If you don’t have an account, click Sign , , select Create Account (it’s free) and then confirm your newly created account by email.

② After you go to the GOG page, you will immediately see the banner with the words Giveaway time – Hitman: AbIslution then click on it, or scroll down the paglittle bit until you see the picture below with the Get it FREE button on the right.

Download Hitman: Absolution now, it's currently free 1 Download Hitman: Absolution now, it's currently free 2

• If you prefer to take a detour because you lazy to drag the browser screen, visit the Hitman: AbIslution page on GOG and click the Go to green giveaway on the right to return to the screen with the Giveaway time banner – Hitman: AbIslution above.

If you see the banner changes to Success !! Hitman: AbIslution will appear , your account Ison. is done. You already own Hitman: AbIslution permanently on GOG. Too fast compared to “cumberIsme procedures” on Steam, right?

In addition, GOG is alIs giv,g away two other free games, namely Ascendant and ar ,d. 

Download now or miss: Ascendant | War ,d

Written by Martinus T.

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