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Dashy: Free Windows/Mac application that organizes files

Dashy is a free Windows and Mac desktop application that helps you organize your files into separate folders called “Dashs.” This makes it easy to search for, find, and open files right from the Dashy interface.

Users of computers often find it hard to find their files on a system. People tend to forget where their important files are stored and in which folders. This problem gets worse if you have a lot of files on your disk storage, which makes it hard and time-consuming to look for the files you need and find where they are.

Dashy offers a good way to solve this problem. You can put your files in containers called Dashs, which you can name things like Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Video, Audio Installers, and more. Your files will still be in the same place on the disk after you do this.

Now, if you need to find any kind of file, all you have to do is run Dashy, open the specific Dash, and search for the file by its name. As soon as you find the file, you can open it right from Dashy. You don’t have to use Windows Explorer or other built-in tools to find the files if you’ve put them in the right Dash.

How to use Dashy

  1. Go to the Dashy website and download the app. Remember that Dashy only works on 64-bit Windows.
  2. Launch the app and select Build Dash to create containers. Name each Dash you create to better manage files. All Dashs will be tabbed on the Dashy interface’s horizontal bar.
  3. Click Add Files on each Dash to add files from disk directories.
  4. Click Dash Actions on the upper right of the screen to rename, delete, or search for files within a Dash.
  5. Once the file is found, click the Pin symbol to keep it at the top for easy access. Use the ‘Folder’ icon to open the file’s location or ‘Open’ to run/open the file straight from Dashy.


  • Dashs don’t support drag-and-drop. This is inconvenient when adding many files.
  • Because Dash has a flat hierarchy, there is no way to add more containers inside it. You can’t arrange files within each Dash.
  • Dashy’s Search function simply searches for filenames. It can’t search for files based on keywords and phrases.
  • No global search across Dashs. You must search inside the Dash.

Dashy is a good program for organizing files so they’re easy to find and open. Developers could improve its features for easier user acceptance.

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Written by Martinus T.