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Apps Clone your voice to foreign language is a free website that helps you learn a language. It allows you hear your voice in many languages. captures your voice and translates it to a foreign language. Simply record your voice, choose a target language, and input the text you want spoken in the finished audio. For optimum results, type the text in the target language. Using the language and text you chose, the resulting audio will include your voice. You may hear the audio and make edits there. If you enjoy the audio, you may save it. The final WAV file is saved.

How to use

  1. Visit the website Along with the tools and functionality, the homepage will have some introduction material. Clone your voice to foreign language 4
  2. Select the Target language Choose the target language in which you wish your voice to be transformed. Currently, English, French, and Brazilian Portuguese are the accessible languages. You may pick one of the three languages and hear your voice speaking in the chosen language.
  3. Here you provide the text that will be spoken in the target language. Enter the text in the target language for the best results. You will obtain the greatest results from content written in the same language. This allows you to listen to your voice speaking a foreign language in detail. Therefore, first translate your content into the target language using any free service, and then put the translated text below in Step3.
  4. After completing all three steps, click the “Submit” button. A few seconds will pass before the audio is generated on the page. The results are displayed at the bottom of the page. You may listen to the audio there, and if you enjoy it, you can download it by clicking the three dots on the right side of the clip. Alternately, if you dislike the audio and wish to make adjustments, you can do so and then save the modifications. is an entertaining website. I can quickly type text and hear myself speak in other languages. Now I don’t need to learn a new language from start or utilize an expensive, skill-intensive program to achieve what this website does for free. You may also use to listen to yourself speaking other languages.

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