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Chromatica camera FREE limited, original $2.99

Chromatica camera is a full-featured manual camera app.

Chromatica camera is a full-featured manual camera app. The strongest point is that it can be shot in RAW mode. Users who are looking for high quality can’t miss it!

Chromatica is a fusion of power and simplicity in one superior photography app. With premium tools and an intuitive UI, Chromatica is the best choice for novice and experienced mobile photographers.

Chromatica camera FREE limited, original $2.99 1

The intuitive UI with all vital information on screen allows you to make informed decisions about your shots all the time. Chromatica includes premium class tools like focus peaking, clipping warnings, a detailed live histogram, adaptive level grid, and RAW support (on compatible iPhone models). For the best low light photography, Chromatica provides optically stabilized RAW capture (on iPhone models equipped with optically stabilized lenses and RAW support)


– Intuitive user interface
– Focus peaking while using manual focus
– Clipping warnings highlighting over- and under-exposed areas
– Full manual controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
– ISO and shutter priority modes
– Separable focus and exposure points
– Digital zoom up to 10x
– Live detailed luminance histogram
– Supported RAW, HEIC or JPG formats (on enabled devices)
– Optically stabilized RAW photos on iPhone models with OIS
– Support for depth capture on dual-camera iPhones
– Preview with a quick built-in EXIF and depth viewers


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