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What is happiness? Let’s learn this concept from countries


What is happiness? Let’s learn this concept from countries

The ideas and philosophies of living to achieve happiness may vary from country to country, but they all contain a lot of lessons that we can draw for ourselves.

Joie de vivre (Canada)

Joie de vivre means “joy of being alive”. This concept is French, but it is Canadians who are better at “practicing” this philosophy.

Canadians can find joy in everything. A person who lives Joie de vivre is ready to go straight to the festival they like without a second’s hesitation. Living Joie de vivre is when you are willing to accept everything and find joy in it, despite the difficulties that stand in the way.

Pura vida (Costa Rica)

Pura vida means “pure life” – prioritizing what is important to you. This is how Costa Ricans live. In this country, people often put family and friends first.

They even call Sunday “Grandma’s Day” because usually people will visit their grandmother, gather with family this weekend.

Dolce far niente (Italy)

Dolce far niente means “the sweetness of doing nothing” is the concept of enjoying every moment. Instead of fretting over problems, Italians will ask themselves: “Who cares?”. They let go of the objective issues they can’t change and instead focus on creating moments of happiness within their control.

Wabi sabi (Japan)

Wabi means “simplicity”, sabi means “beauty of age and wear and tear”.

By combining these two words, the Japanese want to convey the idea that happiness is about accepting and celebrating imperfection and transience.

In an age where social media has us obsessed with perfection, wabi sabi is a reminder that it’s pointless.

Azart (Russia)

Azart means frenzy. Russia is a place with a harsh and cold climate all year round. In the midst of such circumstances, Russians take happiness with both hands, pursue everything life offers you, always seize opportunities, regardless of the consequences.

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