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Lorien: FREE Desktop Whiteboard App with Infinite Canvas, SVG Export


Lorien: FREE Desktop Whiteboard App with Infinite Canvas, SVG Export

Lorien is a free, open-source whiteboard and note-taking application that is designed for ease of use. Godot, a free, cross-platform gaming engine distributed under the MIT license, was used to construct the complete application.

Lorien, unlike Photoshop and other raster graphics programs, does not utilize bitmap images. Similar to Scalable Vector Graphics, it stores brush strokes and other graphical components as a collection of points and draws them at runtime (SVG).

Lorien is primarily intended for use as a digital notepad that may be used to create tiny drafts and drawings or as a tool for storing diagrammatic representations of your thoughts.

Application Capabilities

These are the essential characteristics of this application:

  1. Unrestricted canvas: There are no size restrictions on the canvas.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of undo and redo operations that can be performed.
  3. Zoom: The program supports an almost limitless zoom level.
  4. Extremely tiny file sizes in order to preserve disk space.
  5. SVG Export: It is possible to export drawings in the popular SVG format.
  6. Support for pressure sensitivity for graphic tablets such as Wacom and others.
  7. The following tools are available: Freehand brush, eraser, line tool, rectangle tool, circle/ellipse tool, and selection tool.
  8. Compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The interface is fairly organized and straightforward, with all of the tools displayed in a horizontal tool bar at the top of the screen. This toolbar has all the typical drawing tools, including Freehand brush, Eraser, Line tool, Rectangle / Ellipse / Circle, Selection tool, Brush size, and more.

You may modify the default brush size, default canvas color, pressure sensitivity, appearance, and more by clicking the three-line symbol in the upper-left corner and selecting ‘Settings’.

You may change the Canvas color with the icon in the upper-right corner. Additionally, you may click the Color palette icon to alter the color of your drawn lines and strokes.

After completing the diagram or sketch, you can opt to save it in the.lorien format, which has a very tiny file size. You may also opt to Export the file in SVG format by clicking on the icon with three lines and then selecting ‘Export’.

Overall, Lorien is a fantastic and incredibly easy Whiteboard and Note taking tool that is simple to use. It allows you to export sketches in SVG format, which is an important feature.

The application is portable and does not require installation; nevertheless, a 64-bit Windows operating system is required. Download the program and begin taking notes and sketching your ideas by clicking here.

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