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Keep track of your Discord, Gmail, Messenger, Teams, and other similar services with ease using this uncomplicated, user-friendly launcher for multiple applications.

App launchers may be fairly handy additions to your arsenal: they aim to make things less cluttered and complex by putting everything in one place, and for many users, this can result in a productivity boost. In principle, this is all well and good, but where does one locate an appropriate launcher for such objects?

This desire is intended to be met by the more contemporary open-source project Ferdium. The program is intuitive and quick to browse, and it enables users to manage services such as Discord, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Teams, among others, from a single interface.

Although you could handle all of the various services through your browser, it might get tedious after a time. Given that this is essentially an Electron-based application, it is not unreasonable to assume that each service opens in a type of hidden browser. Nevertheless, the app is remarkably useful in that it allows you to access the provided services without difficulty.

In addition to the previously stated services, users may handle Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Tweetdeck, ProtonMail, and Skype in a browser-like manner. Add them to your services list and adjust a few parameters, such as whether to get notifications and badges, to force dark mode, to utilize a proxy, etc.

Through the software’s To-do capability, users may be more attentive to their schedules. You will be happy with this feature if you use it in the same manner as a dedicated To-do app.

Workspaces are a means of empowering a company. You may populate a workspace with as many services as you choose, and for some users, this segmentation can be effective. For instance, you might have a “School” workplace that has Gmail, Teams, and Hangouts, and a “Fun” workspace that contains Discord, Messenger, and Tweetdeck.

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