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WingetUI: Install applications and updates for Windows


WingetUI: Install applications and updates for Windows

WingetUI installs, uninstalls, and updates apps on Windows PCs using winget.

Windows Package Manager, generally known as Winget, is a potent software. It may be used to install programs individually or in bulk, update some or all programs, and remove apps on Windows computers.

WingetUI and the previously discussed Winstall both strive to simplify the user experience. Users control Windows Package Manager-related operations using a graphical user interface, as opposed to executing winget instructions from the command prompt.

WingetUI only mimics certain features at this moment. It retrieves information from one of the official software repositories, granting consumers access to tens of thousands of apps.

It provides the following essential functions:

  • Install Windows apps in bulk.
  • Install previous application versions.
  • Uninstall installed applications.
  • Update software.

WingetUI is 60 Megabytes in size. Before using the application, it must first be installed. Once initiated, it pulls information from the central repository to populate the program listing. Each program’s name, package ID, and version are mentioned. In addition to browsing the repository manually, there is a search function for fast locating applications.

New users may be unsure about how to engage with the application, such as how to install apps. The majority of activities are performed using double-clicks. Double-clicking Winget next to a program’s name initiates the installation process. Similar to double-clicking the application name, double-clicking the version provides the opportunity to modify the target version for the installation. WingetUI utilizes a queue to handle multiple commands. Wingetui revises the list

The software updates section contains a list of installed apps with available updates. Each program’s name, installed version, and most recent version are provided. Double-click on the Winget item to initiate the program’s upgrading.

To view all installed programs, including user-installed software and Windows applications and programs, navigate to the installed applications section. A click initiates the machine’s uninstallation of the specified software.

In all menus, there is a search tool for filtering results. The reload button may be handy, as the listing may not be immediately refreshed when activities are executed.

WingetUI is an open source user interface for some Windows Package Manager tasks. It may be used to install, remove, and update software on Windows-based computers.

The application has some usability concerns. I had scaling problems, since some text was omitted. Some users may have difficulty understanding out how the software works; however, a brief reminder regarding double-clicks upon initial launch should eliminate this issue. Finally, program updates and uninstallations were not always promptly reflected in the listings.

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