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Guide to Better Time Management for Freelance Writers


Guide to Better Time Management for Freelance Writers

Time. There just is not enough.

Ask any freelance content writer what their main concern is at any given time, and unless they are experiencing another illness, they will tell you that there are not enough hours in the day to do their tasks.

The following material, prepared under the pressure of producing it on time, is dedicated to all freelance content writers who understand what it’s like to be ‘Out Of Time’ yet consistently provide high-quality work.

Here are a few career pointers I’ve picked up along the way. I may have learnt these lessons the hard way, but knowing that someone else will not have to makes it all the more satisfying.

Time-wasting one-two punch

Email and social media slow us down and cause us to lose sight of time more than anything else. I’ve programmed my ticker to alert me every three hours, and I devote 15 minutes to both tasks.

Previously, I was checking my inbox three to four times every hour. If it had a social email, I would immediately visit the website to handle it. My productivity rose considerably after I began sticking to the new 3-hour routine. I may go every four hours to see what transpires.

Instruments that help you advance

When it comes to the subject of social media and email, putting restrictions may not always be sufficient. However, there are tools meant to assist you in addressing the issue.

Google Mail Pop-up: Gmail provides a pop-up that may be positioned anywhere on the screen. It appears independent of the tab or screen you are currently on. Thus, you have the option to deal with it immediately or let it fade into the background for later consideration. If you do not use Google’s email client, you may still be able to use a comparable alternative.

HootSuite: is without a doubt my favorite time-saving application. Every night before I go to bed, I update my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once I have written what I wish to write, I schedule it to be published on all three accounts the next morning while I am still in bed.

The office scheduler

Prior to dedicating my life to freelance writing, I had never had to arrange my day to the smallest of details. If you don’t organize your day, you may find yourself going in circles at the end of the day.

Notifications can only go so far in motivating you to take action and remove an item from your to-do list; you must determine when to accomplish what before which deadline.

Work as the rest of the world does

Regarding meeting deadlines, I have not yet attempted this because I am worried that if I do, my business would fail. However, my wife believes that setting and working office hours is an excellent idea.

9 to 5 hours of work may be too much for me to bear. Nonetheless, I might be able to work from 5 to 9 p.m. Yes, 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. could be enough time to do everything.

The objective is to establish office hours and adhere to them as if your life depended on it. You (and your partner) will be happy if you take action.

Work smarter

As freelance content writers with limited time, we must be extremely selective about which assignments we accept and which we decline. I once grabbed everything that crossed my desk.

Now, I estimate how much time it will take and how much it will pay, then compare those figures to what I’m already working on minus the time I don’t have to spend on it.

Both Excel and Formula in Open Office made it straightforward to configure this basic, yet effective formula. I enter the expected statistics and determine what would yield the most long-term return. Occasionally, I act purely on impulse, which I generally come to regret.

Leave it at the current tone

I had no idea how frequently my phone calls until I stopped answering it to save time. I’m not eager to give money to a survey taker, but every time we answer the phone, we might as well burn a two-dollar note.

Now, if you need to speak with me, your voicemail must be really convincing. I am listening (somewhat), and if it’s critical enough, I’ll answer the phone before you hang up. If you do call, though, please have the courtesy to leave a message instead of requesting that I pick up the phone. It is not going to occur.

Technology saves time and generates earnings

Consequently, if you are stressed for time and striving to regain every lost minute, invest in technology. For each device associated with your freelancing account, you can add twenty minutes to your schedule.

While enjoying my morning walk, I am also responding to emails. If I walk to the corner for an errand or just to be away from my computer for a while, you can guarantee I’ll be checking my social media accounts. During peak season, every second matters, so rely on technology for assistance.

There is truly just one solution to the time dilemma. Don’t. It is time to quit worrying about time after you have done all you can think of and a few things you cannot think of to control time and turn it in your advantage. If it is beyond your control, you should quit worrying about it and do what you can. Do no more and no less.

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