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LoveWindowsAgain: Easily repair Windows 11 problems


LoveWindowsAgain: Easily repair Windows 11 problems

ThisIsWin11 and TweakUIX developer created LoveWindowsAgain. The new software concentrates on fixing Windows 11 bugs, but it can also install popular products using the Windows Package Manager.

Once downloaded, Microsoft Defender may stop the program. On a test system, Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml was discovered. A search on Virustotal yielded no results. The application affects system settings, which is why Microsoft Defender flags it.

LoveWindowsAgain is reminiscent of Microsoft’s Fix-It and troubleshooting programs. It examines the system for problems and presents the user with alternatives to address them automatically or manually. The scan is rapid, and the majority of users will likely wish to select Menu > Advanced Mode to view all discovered faults with suggested solutions.

All of these issues can be resolved automatically with the press of a button, but it is generally not a good idea to allow a computer make modifications to the system that you are unaware of. Advanced Mode reveals all issues identified by the program’s scan as well as potential resolutions.

Initial LoveWindowsAgain scans for twenty faults. It recommends disabling Telemetry in Chrome and Firefox, enabling the display of hidden file name extensions in File Explorer, disabling the Windows 11 widgets feature, and enabling File Explorer’s full context menus.

All of these parameters may be adjusted manually in Windows, but the application simplifies the process, particularly if it is performed at system startup. There are options to restore the initial condition.

The “More Tools” area at the bottom of the screen provides additional options for program users. At the time of writing, the two primary tools allow users to install popular third-party software via the Windows Package Manager and to uninstall installed Windows applications.

When the first option is selected, a list of programs that can be installed on the device is displayed. On the list are applications like KeePass, Brave, Gimp, Microsoft PowerToys, BleachBit, Acrobat Reader, and Putty. There is no initial check to conceal installed apps from the list of accessible programs.

You may add some or all of the apps and then click the install button to swiftly install them on the device.

The removal tool’s UI is same, except it provides a list of Windows apps that may be uninstalled. You may pick a single application, multiple applications, or all applications before clicking the uninstall button to remove them from the system.

LoveWindowsAgain is a potential open source tool that may speed up system tinkering and application installation and uninstallation. All operations, including reverting modifications to their original state, are currently functional.

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