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What is IINA video player?


What is IINA video player?

IINA’s macOS video player now supports OpenSubtitles, HDR, and more.

Version 1.3.0 of the IINA video player for macOS has been released. This is the first update to the widely used software in more than a year.

What’s new about IINA version 1.3.0?

The software adds native support for Apple Silicon processors in the previous year. The update released today for IINA adds support for HDR video playback for MacBook M1 Pro and M1 Max models. The option may be toggled from the sidebar. QuickTime may update the Date Last Opened column in Finder when you play a file, although this metadata is frequently wrong. IINA modifies the metadata when a video is played or the playlist is interacted with.


The media player displays an OSD (on-screen display) for a few seconds if you set a video to loop using the A-B Loop option. It previously did not display this when File Loop is toggled, but in the most recent version, it displays an OSD to indicate the repeat mode has been activated.

The app’s welcome page, which is displayed each time it is launched, now enables keyboard navigation. Previously, pressing the arrow keys on the homepage would play videos from the recently seen list. Using the arrow keys, you may now choose a certain movie with the new controls. To play a highlighted video, use the return key.

IINA now disables its animations while entering and exiting full-screen mode, as well as the sidebar’s sliding motion. For this to take effect, you must enable the Reduce Motion setting under System Preferences > Accessibility > Display, if it is not already enabled. It is important to note that the video player has additional animations that will continue to play regardless of your preferences. The application may now download subtitles for streaming videos from OpenSubtitles. To utilize it, visit the sidebar, navigate to the subtitles tab, and click the internet search option. IINA will get and show a matching subtitle during playing.

You may access your OpenSubtitles account through the IINA Preferences > Subtitle page. Here is also where the default language for downloading subtitles is specified.

IINA now supports old full-screen modes on macOS 11 and later. You may use the player to stream YouTube videos directly. Click the Open URL button, then paste the link into the box, and then click the Open button. This version addresses a number of problems, including memory leaks and program crashes.

The new version of IINA is based on mpv 0.34.1, the most recent stable version of the open-source media player. The patch mitigates the security vulnerability referenced by CVE-2021-30145 in mpv. The flaw would have permitted remote code execution via a specially crafted M3U playlist file. The update also increases the version of FFmpeg to 4.4.2.

The program’s internal updater failed to detect the new version, so I manually upgraded it. You may do the same by downloading IINA 1.3.0 from the project’s GitHub page or the official website.

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