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@mospherePro: Free Android/iOS and Windows File Transfer Apps


@mospherePro: Free Android/iOS and Windows File Transfer Apps

@mospherePro is a Free File Transfer App for Android / iOS and a Windows Desktop Application that allows you to securely transfer files between any two devices using end-to-end encryption. You are the sole owner of your encryption keys, which distinguishes it from other file-sharing services and programs.

The product is based on the open-source @platform and employs the strongest possible encryption method, AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is almost impenetrable.

Both the sender and receiver must obtain a Free @sign online in order to produce a secret key. The sent data is kept in a private data capsule and encrypted using the sender device’s secret key. The sole method capable of decrypting the data, this key is generated only for the owner throughout the onboarding process. Only the intended receiver may view and decode sent data. Even The @ Company cannot access your information without your consent.

There are other File Transfer programs accessible on the Internet, but @atmospherePro stands out in terms of data security. Other applications transmit files from sender to recipient via their own servers; hence, the service provider has access to the encryption keys. But with @mospherePro, files are not kept on any server, and you are the sole owner of the encryption keys.

How to use @mospherePro

  1. Click here to download the Android application from Play Store. To download the iOS application from the App Store, click here. Windows Desktop users can click here to download the desktop application.
  2. Start @atmospherePRo, touch Start then press Generate Free @sign.
  3. Since you can’t enter your own @sign, keep hitting Refresh and browsing the options. Once done, tap Pair.
  4. Enter your email and the code you received. Verification should be quick.
  5. Save your key locally, on Google Drive, etc. You’ll need it to utilize the @sign on another platform.
  6. Tap Home to start the file transfer. To save a contact, press the @sign box, tap the ‘+’ symbol, and add the recipient’s @sign.
  7. Pick the newly added contact, press ‘Done,’ then select the files you want to send and tap Send.
  8. Tap Received on the @mospherePro app’s home screen and then See files to access delivered files. Tap the filename to download it to the recipient’s device.

@mospherePro supports multiple file uploads, however the overall size can’t exceed 1 GB. You can choose multiple file receivers.

All transmitted files are stored in a cache until the receiver gets them. The cache is erased if files aren’t retrieved in 7 days.

@mospherePro is a great tool for end-to-end encrypted file sharing. File sharing between Android, iOS, and Windows devices is easy and safe. It may be used for formal reasons because it supports AES 256 data protection.

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