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What’s new in Xiaomi Smart Display 10?


What’s new in Xiaomi Smart Display 10?

Xiaomi has just launched a new product in its home country of China. The latest gadget is a smart home device and is dubbed the Smart Display 10. As the name suggests, it is a display that offers a number of smart control features. For privacy protection, there is also a physical slider to hide the camera. The Xiaomi Smart Display 10 was announced in China earlier today (21st April 2022).

Exhibit & Design

The Xiaomi Smart Display 10 is crafted from aluminum and woven mesh fabric. This is a straightforward integrated design with a luxury appearance and feel. According to official documentation, it is ideal for a variety of architectural types and may be used in every room in the house. It even has a stand that can be adjusted to a 90-degree elevation or even 120-degree slope. Additionally, there is a physical slider to conceal the camera for added privacy. On the front, the gadget features a huge 10.1-inch HD display.

Xiaomi Smart Display 10


Xiaomi’s Smart Display 10 is brimming with functionality and features. As a smart home screen, it may serve as a command center for consumers’ smart homes. That is, consumers who own smart home appliances may operate all of their goods remotely using this device. For example, Xiaomi’s smart LED lamps can be controlled remotely with this device. Additionally, it functions as an entertainment center, with users able to view videos and movies on the screen. You may also make video calls using the front camera, which includes a microphone.

It also has face tracking through its 5 megapixel front-facing camera with a 115-degree field of vision and a dedicated security chip. Additionally, the Smart Display 10 supports the Xiao AI speech assistant. Additionally, the device boasts twin stereo speakers, compatibility for a variety of smartphone applications, and a specific children’s mode with a facial detection-based smart kid identification system. Additionally, it has educational apps for youngsters.

Pricing Information and Availability

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Smart Display 10 in China earlier today (21st April 2022). It is available for pre-order for a price of 949 Yuan, or around 147 US Dollars. The smartphone will be available for purchase in the region beginning on 29th April 2022. Regrettably, it is uncertain whether the brand intends to release this item on a worldwide scale. However, it competes with the Google Nest Hub, the Amazon Echo Show, and other smart home displays.

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