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What’s new in Telegram v8.7.0?


What’s new in Telegram v8.7.0?

Telegram version adds unique notification noises and silence periods, as well as new bot development tools.

Telegram’s newest version adds a slew of new features following the addition of a new download manager and attachment menu last month. The update has been rolling out to customers worldwide and includes support for custom notification noises, variable silence durations, a new auto-delete menu in profiles, and responses in forwarded messages. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s new in the most recent Telegram update.

What’s new about version 8.7.0 of Telegram?

Personalized notification sounds

Telegram’s newest version adds a new option that allows you to use any sound as a personalized notification alert. As seen in the accompanying GIF, you may now add any short audio file or voice message in a Telegram chat to your collection of custom notification sounds by tapping on it. The new notification sound may then be used as an alert for any chat. Additionally, you can access all of your customized notification sounds by visiting the Notifications and Sounds section of the app’s settings.

The function is available on all platforms and is entirely free to use. It does, however, have certain restrictions. Telegram’s announcement article clarifies that personalized notification sounds may only be audio files or voice messages that are less than 5 seconds in length and up to 300KB in size. If you do not have any of these sound clips on hand, you may experiment with the functionality by utilizing any of the samples offered by the Telegram team in the Notification Sounds channel.

Customizable durations of mute

Telegram now allows you to silence alerts from certain chats for an hour, an eight-hour period, or two days. Additionally, the messenger allows you to turn off all alerts for any discussion. It does not, however, permit custom mute periods. Fortunately, the most recent version has support for this.

Telegram v8.7.0 introduces the ability to set custom silence periods for any chat. As seen in the accompanying GIF, you can silence chats for three hours, one day, three days, one week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, two months, or three months, or for an indefinite amount of time. To access the function, on Android, touch the ‘Notifications’ option on the chat’s information page, or on iOS, press the ‘Mute’ button on the chat’s information page.

Menu for auto-delete in profiles

Additionally, the latest Telegram version adds a new auto-delete choice to profiles. This option allows you to configure an auto-delete timeframe for any conversation, which will erase its contents after a predetermined time period.

The tool supports customizable timeframe settings, allowing you to delete chats automatically after an hour, a day, a week, or a month, among other options.

New tools for developing Telegram bots

Additionally, Telegram v8.7.0 includes new tools that enable bot creators to design “infinitely adaptable interfaces” for Telegram bots using JavaScript. Developers will be able to design bots that can entirely replace any website as a result of this. Additionally, interfaces may be customized to reflect a user’s theme.

Telegram’s fictitious fast-food @DurgerKingBot demonstrates what third-party Telegram bots might anticipate in the future. If you’re a bot developer, you may get started on your new and better bot by consulting Telegram’s Bot API documentation.

Various characteristics

Along with the previously stated enhancements, Telegram v8.7.0 adds support for responses in forwarded messages, the ability to rapidly configure bot administrators, enhanced message translation on iOS, picture-in-picture mode improvements on Android, new animations, and a slew of new animated emoji. To understand more about these features, please visit the source site provided below.

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