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Brightly Pro: free app to brighten photos


Brightly Pro: free app to brighten photos

Brightly Pro is an application that helps you to brighten your photos in the simplest way. The application costs 4.99 USD but is promoting to allow free download.

Brightly Pro automatically brightens your photographs with a single slider, bringing out hidden details while maintaining a nice balance of light and dark regions without overexposing already lighted parts. Additionally, Brightly Pro brightens films while smoothly implementing lighting changes over time. Brightly Pro is optimized for macOS Monterey with a straightforward UI and all the photo editing capabilities you’d expect to showcase your photographs and movies, and it operates natively on Macs equipped with the Apple M1 processor. Enhance your editing experience with essential professional tools like as RAW pictures and 4K video.

When photographing, there are several lighting issues that are frequently beyond the photographer’s control: dim or uneven lighting, insufficient exposure, backlit subjects, and some subjects are shaded while others are not. Due to the fact that Brightly Pro’s image processing algorithm is aware of the dark and bright portions of a photo and how they interact, it is capable of addressing these issues where standard photo editing programs fall short. The dark parts are not only brightened, but their detail and contrast are improved as well. Sections that are already illuminated are not overexposed and effortlessly integrate into the dark areas. As a consequence, a nice, natural-looking picture is created.

All of these calculations are performed using a single slider: the Magic Bar. It’s straightforward, quick, and intuitive. It enables you to easily adjust the lighting in your photographs and videos with a single mouse click, saving you time and needing far less editing than traditional photo editing programs.

In comparison to other low-light photography programs, Brightly Pro works with movies, including 4K, Slo-mo, and time-lapse. Additionally, Live Photos are supported. Algorithms optimized for video automatically brighten and smooth your video over time, ensuring that your movies continue to look beautiful regardless of changing lighting circumstances.

Brightly Pro


Brightly Pro reads and processes RAW, Apple ProRAW, and wide color images with excellent precision, making it ideal for professional workflows. The results can be saved in JPEG, lossless PNG, or TIFF format.

Brightly Pro includes over a dozen settings for fine-tuning the effects of the Magic Bar. Some are typical of a picture app, while others are exclusive to Brightly Pro. Brilliance enhances brightness when it is required without overexposing. Local detail is enhanced by structure, although more so in darker parts than in brighter areas. White balance is a two-part control that is calibrated to remove color casts from both indoor and outdoor lighting. Surface blur instantly smooths out vast regions while maintaining the integrity of the edges.

Other low-light photography applications include extended exposure periods and/or many exposures of the scene, as well as a steady hand or a camera in a stable position. Moving objects produce blur during an exposure, and movies are not viable. Additionally, such programs are unable to enhance existing photographs in your album. This is an area in which Brightly Pro shines.

Brightly Pro enables you to be spontaneous and capture the moment, while also allowing you to change the lighting later. This also enables you to breathe fresh life into previously useless photographs and videos in your album.

Brightly Pro’s computational photography engine blends the science of computer vision, which describes how the human eye perceives light, color, and contrast, with the art of photography to restore photographs to their natural state of harmony.

Brightly Pro is an ideal addition to the toolkit of any professional photographer.

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