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This site knows what you’ve downloaded!


This site knows what you’ve downloaded!

BitTorrent is a familiar concept based on peer-to-peer P2P data transfer over the Internet. Bittorrent software can use this protocol for peer-to-peer transmission protocols.

If you want to download the file, you can start downloading directly from other computers that have similar software installed. The more seeding computers are, the faster the download speed can be achieved.

Of course, during download, the computer will also become a “transmitter”. Others who want to download will also download it via your computer.

If you want to know which old movies and games you’ve downloaded via bittorrent, in fact, this site will directly get the current IP location of your computer. All you need to do is visit the website

Once on the site, it will analyze your IP address and find out what many days through this IP has done through Bittorrent, the list will probably surprise you.

After searching for information, it will immediately list the IP after several years, months and days, which bittorrent support has been downloaded and the file size is also displayed. You can also view content that has been downloaded by other IPs by typing the IP directly into the box.

You might be wondering how does this site know what content is downloaded? In fact, the site has collected more than 1.5 million torrent sources and gained results by following this shared network and analyzing it further.

The principle is that when a user downloads via a bittorrent, it will also upload at the same time, which will cause the IP location to be exposed immediately, and this will leave a trace.

However, most of the content that this site can find is through the protocol used in bittorrent software. So if a user uses a dynamic IP address or uses a VPN to hide the IP location, there’s no way to retrieve this information.

In addition to seeing what an IP address has downloaded, the site also provides a tool for you to check a friend’s IP location and see what other people have downloaded.

The way is very simple, you go to this page, type the web address you want to send the other party as a share.

You will receive a shortened link, now you can send this link to friends. If the other party has clicked on this link, you will get that party’s IP and know what they have downloaded via bittorrent !!!

The website also calculates the file types downloaded by almost every country in the world using bittorrent.

What about this site is safe? Will it secretly record my IP location? In fact, don’t worry, the developers also open the site’s source code on Github . If you have any doubts, you can check out the source code for this software yourself.

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