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Create alias email address with IdBloc


Create alias email address with IdBloc

IdBloc helps you create a alias email address to protect your real email address from spam and spam advertising.

IdBloc is a new name with the same ability (such as AltMails , Burner Emails,… ). This web service allows you to create 10 free virtual email addresses to prevent advertisers or hackers from knowing your real email address.

Create alias email address

Using IdBloc, you need an account. Click Sign Up It’s Free on the homepage to register. Please note, the registered email address must be the real email you are using to activate your account.

After registering, you need to activate account in IdBloc email sent before you can login and use.

Activation is complete, you login and are brought into the interface to create a virtual email. Each IdBloc virtual email address is named as a random and long string of numeric characters, you must not name the address but you can name it to be easily identifiable.

Click New Address, enter the name representing the first virtual email address in the Name box . And the virtual email address has been created below ( Address ). It has the form [ numeric string] @ . You click Create Email to create this virtual email. If you don’t like it, press Back.

Keep going like that to create other virtual emails. When the mail comes into this virtual email address it will be forwarded to your real email. Free account, IdBloc allows creating up to 10 virtual email addresses and unlimited number of forwarding times.

Using IdBloc on Chrome

You can create and manage virtual emails with IdBloc from anywhere on Chrome without having to visit the home page of this service.

Click here > click Add to Chrome > Add extension to install this extension.

You click the IdBloc icon on the toolbar and proceed to login / register. You can then create other virtual emails like on the homepage. Click New Address > enter virtual email representative name> Save.

Once created, click Copy to clipboard to copy or edit / delete right in the pop-up interface of the extension.

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