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How to fix many iOS apps stop working because of Facebook


How to fix many iOS apps stop working because of Facebook

An error occurred on Facebook’s SDK library that caused a series of applications such as Spotify, TikTok, Tinder on iPhone and iPad to suddenly stop working.

The problem seems to be related to Facebook’s software development tool (SDK), which is used for Facebook’s app-to-app login feature. As noted from the Downdetector, the incident mainly occurred in the US, South America, Europe and some countries in Southeast Asia.

According to a source, the problem occurred after Facebook disabled the SDK-enabled server configuration update, making it impossible for applications using this social network account to connect.

An anonymous person on Github said Facebook had reverted the changes from the server that caused the problem, but it would take quite a bit of time for everything to work normally again.

According to foreign developers Guilherme Rambo and Joseph McLaughlin, the main reason for the problem of many of these iOS apps is due to Facebook’s open source toolkit (SDK). Currently the Facebook SDK has also fixed this error, but some applications may still have problems.

You can only wait for the developer to release an update to fix it. If unexpected happens in the future, you can try the following methods to resolve:

  • Restart iPhone once
  • Close the application from the background and relaunch.
  • Block domain in DNS settings.
  • Update the new update of the problematic application.

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