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How to download Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for free on all platforms


How to download Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for free on all platforms

Users do not need the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is a sequel to the previous generation Pac-Man Championship Edition of PS3 and Xbox 360. This series still brings the old familiar gameplay but the pace is faster and is backed by very nice 3D graphics.

Players will control the character Pac-Man moving in the maze of the game screen while eating the beads, while trying to avoid ghosts wandering everywhere.

If not careful, Pac-Man will be captured and ghost experience will end. However, once enough nuts are collected, fruits will help Pac-Man power up, allowing the character to swallow ghosts with lightning speed.

The highlight of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 compared to the previous game is the lower challenge with two modes of Score Attack and Adventure.

In Score Attack, players must win as many points as possible within the same time limit as the classic Pac-Man game before. Adventure, though still similar in basic gameplay, has more mission requirements that players must perform, including fighting giant bosses quite attractive.

There are also a number of “old-fashioned” gameplay mechanics from the Championship DX version and the screen design has added “shortcuts” for tactical purposes.

Currently, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is offered free of charge to both PC and PS4 players and Xbox One, with no need for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold service packages.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 costs $12.99 in the international market. Deadline until May 10, 2020 .

Instructions on how to receive games on consoles:

To download games on consoles, you need to sign in with your PSN account on PS4 or Xbox Live account on Xbox One and find the game name on the corresponding store. Or the second way is to sign in to the PSN or Xbox Live account to the site using a browser and depending on which account you are registered in, use the corresponding links below.

Download now if you miss: Xbox One | PlayStation US | PlayStation Store UK | PlayStation Store Australia | PlayStation Indonesia | Thailand PlayStation | PlayStation Hong Kong.

Don’t forget Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection or Knack 2 are also being free until 10 May, 2020 for PlayStation 4 players depending on the geographical area of ​​the PlayStation account.

Instructions on how to get games on Steam:

① You must first sign up for a Steam account (it’s free) if you don’t already have one and confirm your registration by email. If yes then skip this step.

② Open the Steam app and log in with your verified account, go to the Store section in the top left corner, enter the keyword pac man 2 into the search box in the upper right corner of the app and select PAC-MAN game CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 is priced at Free .

③ Click Add to Account in the middle of the screen and get Success! PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 is now registered to your account on Steam!

● Or if it’s not available or for some reason you can’t install the Steam app on your computer, you can also access the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 store page using a browser.

Note : If you get the error message The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL , you probably already own it without noticing it.

Complete the aforementioned steps and receive a notification as instructing that you have owned Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 permanently on Steam!

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