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Vivaldi 3.0: the best browser for blocks ads and trackers


Vivaldi 3.0: the best browser for blocks ads and trackers

Vivaldi can be said to be an innovative, full-featured, highly customizable browser with Chromium core. In Vivaldi 3.0, the company partnered with DuckDuckGo and used the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials list to filter ads.

This list blocks most annoying trackers and doesn’t distort web pages. To start blocking ads on your computer or Android, go to  Settings  →  Privacy  →  Content Blocker  →  Tracking Blocker  with the options:

  • No Blocking:  Do not block anything.
  • Block Trackers:  Block trackers.
  • Block Trackers and Ads:  Block trackers and ads.

Tracking and ad blockers can be enabled on all websites you visit or can be turned on or off for individual websites through the shield icon in the address bar.

In addition to managing ad blocking lists in Vivaldi, press  Ctrl + F12  and select Privacy on the left. Use the + and – buttons to add a list or delete existing items in the Exceptions section.

Also under the Manage Sources section is a list of EasyList that is not enabled by default, you can turn it on with the default options that are used by many users.

Set an alarm with the new Clock Tool

Vivaldi 3.0 adds a new feature to the browser – a clock tool that displays the current time right in the status bar and directly allows alarm settings.

You can customize its options by clicking on the time, Vivaldi will open a window, from which you can set a new alarm or set a countdown timer.

This tool supports presets for both the timer and the alarm. You can specify a sound for notifications. Right-click on the clock area in Vivaldi’s status bar. From the Notification sound section , you can select the sound you want to hear for alarm.

In case you don’t see the status bar, press Ctrl + Shift + S or go to Settings > Appearance . Select the Windows Appearance > Status bar on the right and click Show Show bar.

Improved Spatial Navigation (spatial navigation)

Vivaldi launches with a feature called Spatial Navigation. It allows users to navigate web pages using the keyboard by holding the Shift key and using the arrow keys.

If you want to try Spatial Navigation, you can enable it in SettingsWebpages → Spatial Navigation .

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