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How to add Airplane reaction and Fire reaction on Facebook


How to add Airplane reaction and Fire reaction on Facebook

Today if you go to Facebook, you will see that in the post of many people have more reaction of the plane or fire, you do not need to be surprised, you can also do that.

Recently, Facebook is enjoying a new airplane reaction. This emoticon is not on the list of major icons that Facebook put in so that users can use as 6 icons (like, happy, sad, surprised …).

To be able to add airplane emotion you need to have an Android phone. Then do the following:

Step 1: Find an article you want to add this reaction, click comment section.

Step 2: Like that post. Then in the upper right-hand corner of the application screen, press and hold your finger on the Like icon.

Step 3: In the reaction list you will see the second angry face icon, it is the airplane reaction, you click to select.

By the way, this seems to be a minor bug on Facebook and Facebook may be launching a patch. Current trends are being shared across communities with the #planereact hashtag or #addplanereact.

In addition to the airplane icon, if you have a computer, you can also create a fire reaction (reaction code #14), which is a lot more complicated, if you like, you can refer to the video below:

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