Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

If you want your desktop to be a calendar that changes monthly, Droom Calendar is the UWP app for you. Droom runs on Windows 10 to decorate your desktop with HD wallpapers according to the 2020 and more calendar theme.

Droom Wallpaper is designed like a desktop calendar and will automatically change the wallpaper according to the current month. In particular, you can download wallpaper of the current month or many other months of the year when you want.

There is a bad point that Droom Calendar is an application developed by India’s Droom Company, so the country’s calendar is full of models.

Droom Calendar’s calendar wallpaper consists of 12 photos corresponding to 12 months. If you want to see, download wallpapers of the previous month or next month is entirely possible.

Alternatively, you can go to the Droom homepage to see the entire 12-month calendar of Droom Calendar. If you like the image, click> Download Wallpaper to download.

Or click Download All Wallpapers to download the entire calendar wallpaper in zip.

Download Droom Calendar

You can also use another application called DesktopCalendar. This is a versatile Lunar calendar software including solar and lunar calendar.

This software creates a calendar interface on the desktop without affecting the desktop: You can still manipulate the desktop as usual without fear of app taking place.

Moreover, the software also allows you to adjust the color, font, position of the show to match the image of the desktop.

The program is really a useful perpetual calendar that helps you easily look up positive and negative dates, moreover the program also has very interesting quotes and proverbs.

The special feature of the program compared to other programs is the program that features a smart calendar view when you hover over the Windows time icon (usually in the lower right corner of the screen) without having to close the windows. screen is working.

Download DesktopCalendar