Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

In Boris and Dark Survival, you will play the role of an animated wolf living in the shadows of a movie studio. Players will control Boris from a top-down perspective and must escape the clutches of the Ink Demon.

Lighting is the most amazing element of the game experience. The developer uses yellow lights to bounce on the wall or floor from the lights set at a fixed angle, creating a screen space that is both a bit mysterious and equally scary.

If the Ink Demon sees you, the chase will begin and you still have a chance to escape as long as you don’t find the dead end. The controls in the game are quite good. You will move with your thumb on the left side of the screen and run using your thumb on the right side of the screen.

Even the musical elements and sound noises are an interesting surprise. Although there are not many numbers, but most of the songs are included at certain times in the experience to create a dramatic feeling of the situation.

The game costs $ 1.99 on the Appstore and Playstore but the company today is completely free game.